Arctic Ice™ is a new brand of rugged ice-substitute cooler packs that maintain low temperatures longer than ice or “blue gel” products. The active ingredient is a plant-oil derived “phase-change material” (PCM).

Arctic Ice is reusable, non-toxic and biodegradable and is not derived from petroleum products or alcohol like most other cooler inserts.

Arctic Ice™ Alaskan Series freezes at 1˚C (33.8˚F) and efficiently keeps food and drinks chilled much longer than the same volume of ice.

Arctic Ice™ Tundra Series freezes at -15˚C (+5˚F) and maintains a consistent freezer temperature and is a suitable dry ice alternative..

Arctic Ice 2015 Products

The Company
Arctic Ice™ LLC is based in South Dakota and Tennessee. Company leaders include career executives from the hunting equipment, medical products and plastic injection-molding industries. Despite their very different professional backgrounds, the executive team shares a passion for outdoor recreation: hunting, fishing and camping with their friends and families.

Arctic Ice™ LLC was founded to serve the needs of consumers who share those same interests:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts who take their gear very seriously
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who take food storage very seriously
  • Food and beverage enthusiasts who love to entertain on outings
  • Sport fishermen who want to keep their bait cold longer
  • Hunters who want to keep frozen game frozen longer